We describe all vehicles to the best of our knowledge; call or email us if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to help you right away. Please keep in mind that we are not selling dish washers, we sell cars which are complex machines that have a lot of moving and stationary parts. It is practically impossible to go over every little ding, scratch and functionality of every single option. If you are a perfectionist, we encourage you to inspect the vehicle in person or consider purchasing a brand new car.


By purchasing a vehicle from Limited Edition Motorcars, the Buyer/Purchaser agrees that any legal action associated with this sale from either the Buyer/Purchaser or the Seller shall take place in Broward County, Florida. Buyer/Purchaser also agrees to be responsible for all legal costs of the Seller including, but not limited to, court costs, expenses, attorney fees, cost of process service, and all other costs associated with the normal course of litigation.


All inspections must be done prior to the purchase. We encourage you to come and take a look at the car before you buy.


A $1000 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit via Zelle or Wire is required immediately after the Buyer/Purchaser agrees to purchase a vehicle from Limited Edition Motorcars. The deposit will hold the vehicle for a total of 3 business days.


The remaining balance must be paid within 3 Business days from the date of the deposit. If full payment is not made within 5 Business days then we reserve the right to sell the vehicle to the next available party. The vehicle must be picked up after 10 Calendar days from the the deposit date. Any vehicles not picked up within 10 calendar days will be subject to $50 per day storage fee.


The remainder of the balance must be paid via a wire transfer or cash.
If you are picking up a vehicle in person:
Due to increased scamming activities, if you are picking up the car in person we will only accept cash or your wire must clear before the vehicle can be released.
If you are shipping the car:
If you are shipping the car the wire transfer must clear first (usually 24 hours) before the vehicle can be released.


Please have all your loans PRE-APPROVED before you commit to purchase the vehicle from us. We can assist with financing, please inquire with us for pre-approval.


Florida Residents:
There is a $499 dealer transaction fee added to every sale. You have to pay sales tax, title transfer fees, and registration fees. Percentage of the sales tax depends on the county that you reside in. If you need a new license plate that is an extra charge from the DMV.
Out of State Residents:
There is a $499 dealer transaction fee added to every sale. If you are coming to pick up the car in person and want to drive it home then you must pay 7% FL sales tax. If you are shipping the car through a licensed shipper then there is no sales tax.


Buyer/Purchaser is responsible for all the shipping charges. Buyer/Purchaser is responsible for the vehicle after it leaves the Seller’s physical possession. Buyer/Purchaser has an option to make their own shipping arrangements or have Limited Edition Motorcars assist with shipping. If the Buyer/Purchaser chooses to have Limited Edition Motorcars assist with shipping, the following terms apply:

The Seller may, as a courtesy to the Buyer/Purchaser, arrange vehicle shipping through a service known as Central Dispatch. The Buyer/Purchaser agrees to be responsible for all the fees and costs associated with shipping the vehicle. The Buyer/Purchaser also agrees to pay the Shipper upon delivery of the vehicle to Buyer/Purchaser. The Buyer/Purchaser now and forever discharges and releases the Seller from any obligations and/or liability as related to Seller making shipping arrangements for the Buyer/Purchaser. The Buyer/Purchaser understands that they are solely responsible for the vehicle after the Shipper picks up the said vehicle from the Seller’s location. The Buyer/Purchaser further agrees to release and hold the Seller harmless from any damage that may result to the vehicle as a result of Shipper’s actions. The Buyer/Purchaser understands and agrees that any disputes as related to shipping the vehicle are to be resolved between the Buyer/Purchaser and the Shipper.


We are located less than 10 minutes away from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.


We reserve the right to notify Buyers/Purchasers and cancel any transaction if the we choose to do so. Reasons for cancellation include but are not limited to: uncooperative buyer, unreasonable demands/expectations, delayed payments, suspicious/scam activity, and others. We shall not be held liable for any such cancellation and/or closure. Just like Buyer/Purchaser has the right to screen the seller, we reserve the right to screen any potential buyers and refuse a sale at our discretion.


Purchasing a vehicle from Limited Edition Motorcars constitutes your agreement to the above terms and conditions.